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Resolved! I was wondering if it would be possible to add a lens system to the sensor and focus the emitted light and reduce the field of view.

I feel this would solve a couple problems. First, it would allow for more energy to be returned to the detector, increasing the signal to noise ratio and second, it would allow customers to focus on more specific areas. My questions are - can this be...

Why the VL53L1 sensor VL53L1_Dev_t object consumes 5.43KB(Kilo Bytes) RAM in api ver where as the same object consumes 932B in api ver ?

Hi,I am porting the one of legacy VL53L1 stack (STM api ver ) for one of the project. This stack is stable and well tested. However, i am surprised to see the RAM consumption(5.43KB) of the VL53L1_Dev_t  object. This is different in n...

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Resolved! Cover glass causes incorrect VL6180X measurement

We are using your VL6180X Proximity sensor, gesture and ambient light sensing (ALS) module for a time of flight sensing application. We are experiencing a problem with unreliable measurement results from the sensor: some sensors output a low value (1...