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Resolved! VL53L5CX: Info about target status

UM2884-Rev 3, chapter 5.5 Results interpretation, shows in table 4 (list of available target status) a short description of the target status 0 to 13 and 255. Question 1: Our application sometimes also shows status 14, which is not described there. W...

MBela.3 by Associate
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Resolved! How to increase the range of VL6180x

Hi, i would like to increase the range of the VL6180X but i don't know which register i have to modify. I see the code in the RangingAndALS_NucleoXXX sample but i don't understand how the VL6180X register have been modified in order to increase the m...

Nicky by Associate
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Resolved! VL53L4CD

Hi there, I'm planning to integrate the VL53L4CD sensor into my custom board, which features the STM32G484CEU6 MCU. After reviewing the datasheet, I found that the sensor operates within a voltage range of 2.6-3.5V (nom 2.8V). I just wanted to double...

hbagheri by Associate
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TOF Sensors VL53 series for LPG level cylinder monitoring

Hi all,We are working on developing an LPG level monitoring system using BlueNRG-LPS MCU and VL53 sensor series.I am very new to these specific sensors.Can we have VL53 series installed externally under the metallic cylinder?Are they also using the p...

PMato.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Ways to reduce the impact of cover glass

Hi,I'm using the VL53L4CX and I  find  that using the xtalk calibration still doesn't completely remove the data from the cover glass. Is there any other way to remove the near distance data?The VL53L0CX can adjust the threshold of a signal by a func...

Wwei by Associate
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Resolved! VL53L5CX TOF

Hi Team, We have our customized projector majorly focused on educational field purpose. Its a short through projector with 16:9 aspect ratio. We are planning to implement Auto keystone and Auto Focus using VL53L5CX TOF sensor. Do you have any driver ...

What's VL53L4CX bare driver memory requirement ?

Hi All,I want to port VL53L4CX bare driver to my M0+ MCU (36KB SRAM) however it cannot fit into RAM (.bss)What's RAM requirement of VL53L4CX bare driver ?(I used VL53L1CX ULD and VL53L4CD ULD driver that's ok) or how to trim down the memory requireme...

SLin.11 by Associate II
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VL53L8A at 4m

Hello.Today I will test the VL53L8A evaluation version in the outdoor (cloudy) test data, the code is automatically generated by the STM32Cube. I irradiated VL53L8A to the wall, at about 1.75m, with almost no data. At 4m, the serial port directly sho...

xukong by Associate II
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Resolved! Can't download STSW-IMG043 for x-Nucleo-53l7a1

Hi,I'm trying to download the STSW-IMG043 software package for VL53L7CH and VL53L8CH. It fails every time that I try to download. All other packages from the imaging software section are availa...

aroshani by Associate II
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