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Resolved! VL53L7X get Point Cloud

Hi, I'm trying to create a 4x4 point cloud using a VL53L7CX-Sensor. I already got the x, y and z, but I am not sure if the values are right. My approach:*iter_x = static_cast<float>(kMillimeterToMeter * cos(w * fovPerPixel - kFov / 2.0f - DegToRad(90...


How to configure the frame rate of CNH

I‘ve seen that on the datasheet of VL53L8CH it saysHighly configurable CNH in order to meet user expectations– 64 zones with 18 bins at 15 Hz– 32 zones with 36 bins at 15 Hz– 16 zones with 48 bins at 25 HzMy question is how can I configure the frame ...

Background Noise using SPAD array

Heya,  Is it possible to see the background light (intensity/histogram) without actually transmitting, using a VL53L8 or VL53L9?We don't want to measure the distance to objects. We just want to be able to use the SPAD array to get histogram for each ...

shjayago by Associate
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LPS28DFW and VL53L4CD 3D CAD Models

Hi, could I please get access to the 3D CAD Models for the LPS28DFW and VL53L4CD products? On both of their "CAD Resources" page you only offer the PCB Footprint and Symbol and not the 3D Model. I need to utilize the 3D model for designing a componen...

ITayl.1 by Associate
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Resolved! VL53L5CX: Info about target status

UM2884-Rev 3, chapter 5.5 Results interpretation, shows in table 4 (list of available target status) a short description of the target status 0 to 13 and 255. Question 1: Our application sometimes also shows status 14, which is not described there. W...

MBela.3 by Associate
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Resolved! How to increase the range of VL6180x

Hi, i would like to increase the range of the VL6180X but i don't know which register i have to modify. I see the code in the RangingAndALS_NucleoXXX sample but i don't understand how the VL6180X register have been modified in order to increase the m...

Nicky by Associate
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