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about argument of VL53L1X_CalibrateXtalk()

Dear Sir,There is a question about argument  VL53L1X_CalibrateXtalk().For cross talk calibration, we will use  VL53L1X_CalibrateXtalk()  with argument of uint16_t TargetDistInMm,we should give Xtalk calibration distance to  the argument. But, we wond...

DSai.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Looking for a Distance calculating Sensor

Hi ,we are looking for a distance sensor that meets the below requirements1.Working distance 5mm to 200mm2. Resolution steps: 0.01mm steps what is the minimum resolution steps your sensor can provide. Let me know if you need anything else. 

Resolved! I2C address problem with SATEL-VL53L7CX

Hello everyone,I am trying to read the distance data from a VL53L7CX ToF sensor with a Teensy 4.1 board. I am using the SATEL-VL53L7CX breakout board. The sensor is detected by the Teensy, however I when I try to check if the new data are ready to be...

Resolved! VL53L5CX VL53L5CX_ResultsData distance_mm mapping

Hello,Been thru all the specs I can find on the VL53L5CX but I can't find how the Zones numbers map to array of distance_mm in the VL53L5CX_ResultsData  struct.Is Zone 0,0  distance_mm[0] please?Or can someone point me to the spec/page please?Many th...

Iknig.1 by Associate II
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VL53L5CX Histogram Data at Low Frame Rate?

I read in other posts that it is not possible to read out the VL53L5CX histogram data because there is just too much of it. But I was wondering if it is possible to read it out if we do not care about real-time operation and are okay reading out the ...

FGuti.2 by Associate II
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Anyone using VD6283 without stmcube ?

Hi everybody, I'm trying to interface vd6283 (I own vd6283-satel breakout board) with other non-stm32 microcontrollers (esp32, samd21, ecc) .stm's library (x-cube-als) claims that "should" be easy porting on another hw's not that easy....Did...

MZ68 by Associate II
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Is there an ACTUAL datasheet for the VD6283 available?

Having been using ST sensors for decades, this is the first time I stumble onto this perplexing problem: there is no datasheet available!There is a .pdf called 'datasheet', but it only documents half the registers and them very superficially. There i...

KPalo.2 by Associate
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