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VL53V1CB calibration

HI,I am using ULD API function VL53L1X_CalibrateOffset() and VL53L1X_CalibrateXtalk() to calibrate the sensor and then I store the parameters in EEprom and everything works fine: with VL53L1X_GetResult() I can see the distance of the object and when ...


Resolved! adjust trigger for VL53L8CX

Hi,I have a VL53L8CX Sensor on a Satel-VL53L8 board that I am controlling with a custom microcontrollerboard that has an ESP32-S2 chip. I want the microcontroller to sleep until the sensor triggers the Int Pin, based on a threshold that I configure i...

Paula by Associate
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Resolved! TOF sensor: Distinguish between multiple reflective surfaces

Used sensor: VL53L1XApplication: TOF sensor is on bottom of a liquid filled container to measure the fill level. The light of the TOF-sensor is reflected on:1) Liquid surface (water to air, oil to air)2) Container roof surfaceIs it possible to mask o...

MBaum.7 by Associate III
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vl53l5cx_init fails in _vl53l5cx_poll_for_mcu_boot

I am trying to use the VL53L5CX with Zephyr. The read and write functions of the platform files seem to work well, but when running an example and attempting to initialize the sensor, when I reach the point of resetting the MCU, I receive a 255 from ...

Kuhaku by Associate
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Resolved! Xtalk calibration buffer

I need to find out what data does xtalk buffer provide to sensor. I know what some parts of it mean, but I need to know what is the meaning of all parts. Is there any documentation about it?

VToma.11 by Associate II
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Resolved! can I get histogram data from VL53L0X ?

Hello All,in the function VL53L0X_PerformSingleHistogramMeasurement from api library it is said that the code isn't implemented yet. Is there a way to get histogram measurements using this chip ? otherwise which chip should I choose to get histogram ...

swer by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L1X return 0 on every register rerad

I communicate with a VL53L1X-SATEL over I2C from a PSoC 5LP as I2C-master. The sensor as I2C-slave acknowledes commands as expected, but each register I try to read returns 0x00. I tried a for loop to read every register from 0 counting up, but the s...

MBaum.7 by Associate III
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VL53L5CX: Info about target status [renewed]

I am renewing this conversation because I had added this concern to a conversation with the same subject that was marked as solved. Originally posted by @MBela.3 .I have not received a response. However, it is very important to me not only for my app...