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How to decode serial data from VL53L8CH?

Hello,I am trying to get histograms off of the VL53L8CH sensor. I have the sensor hooked up to an F401 and I'm using the official driver from here: I start ranging with the sensor through ...

Resolved! VL53L4CX spad map

Is there any way to get an overview of the 16x16 (time-integrated) SPAD array signals? I would like to see how the VCSEL spot looks on the SPAD matrix. Clearly, this information must be present on the chip itself, as it knows about its optical center...

SCH23 by Associate
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Resolved! VL6180 AVDD question

Hello,I am planning to use VL6180 sensor in my application which is going to communicate with STM32L071. I would like to ask a question since the specification for the AVDD mentioning about optimal value is 2.8V. Do I need to provide some special LDO...


SATEL-VL53L8 level conversion

Hi everybody,I have purchased SATEL-VL53L8 package containing 2 breakout boards with VL53L8 ToF ranging sensor, and I encountered a peculiar hardware issue. A breakout board has been connected to an ESP32 dev board (3.3V logic level). I have been try...

milukic_0-1702311151639.png milukic_0-1702312170330.png
milukic by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L8CH GUI

Hello,I am interested in the ToF-Sensor VL53L8CH to get access to the histogram data. Is there any Evaluation-GUI to easily try out this sensor and to see the histogram data, similar to the GUI for the VL53L8CX (STSW-IMG041 - VL53L8CX Demo GUI)?Thank...

PhKE by Associate
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Resolved! VL53L0X: How to narrow the FOV

Greetings Team,Have a question (that may not be so quick). Currently working on a project where I need to detect a tube's length, using the VL53L0X, from ~30 to 200mm. The problem is that the inside dimensions of the tube are 20x11mm, quite tight. I'...

JOsbo.1 by Associate
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Resolved! VL53L4CD Power consumption measurement

Hello Everyone, I'm using the VL53L4CD with the STM32WL55JC1, The following is the Power Profile of the cycle:1- XSHUT GPIO is normally pulled low.2- XSHUT Pulled up + delay ( sensor wakes up).3- VL53L4CD Initiliazation.4- Measurements (20 Samples).5...

AElgh by Associate III
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Resolved! How to properly drive the VL53L0X into Sleep mode?

The datasheet mentions putting the sensor into sleep by driving XSHUT low. measuring the power consumption shows that the power is consumed more when I connect XSHUT even when I drive it low by 200 microAmp. The XSHUT is normally pulled-up on the bre...

AElgh by Associate III
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