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Interface VL53L0X with PIC18LF47K42 micro controller

Hi all, I am trying to use a PIC18LF47K42 to read the distance from the Light Ranger 2 click board, which uses the sensor VL53L0X. I copy two folders: core and platform, which are  inside the folder en.STSW-IMG005\VL53L0X_1.0.4\Api I add these file i...

DuyHoang by Associate
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Resolved! VL6180 Optimal Settings for Acuracy

I am using the VL6180 (not the X version).  This is TOF only.  When reading in continuous mode, I'm getting a tolerance of +/- 1mm and sometimes more.  I'll list my settings below.    My application will measure distances from 10mm to 100mm.  Right n...

gerbers by Associate
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Resolved! VL53L8CX no I2C connection

I have a VL53L8CX time of flight sensor connected via I2C on a custom board. The Board has other devices that can talk on I2C no problem. now i cant see the i2c address of the ToF device. from my understanding everything seems to be fine and in accor...

AA.16 by Associate III
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VL53L5CX initialization fails with ULD driver v1.3.6

I tried using VL53L5CX with ULD API v1.3.6 with an ESP32-S3. I successfully ported the base C function for I2C, as I can talk with the sensor during the first part of the initialization process. Unfortunately, when I reach the NVM part, the function ...


Resolved! VL53L5CX data is never ready

Hello !I'm working on the VL53L5CX sensor with a Nucleo L432KC.Using the ST example, and after succeeded the initialization of the VL53L5CX, the sensor's data are never ready. In the following function, the p_dev->temp_buffer[1:4] are all equals to 0...

CPoisson by Associate III
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Resolved! VL53L5CX arduino mega 2560

I just purchased the VL53L5CX-SATEL Breakout Boards for VL53L5CX i have been trying unsuccessfully to get it to work with an Arduino Mega 2560. Does anyone know if it is possible to get it working wi...

rfashanu by Associate
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