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Resolved! VL53L4CD give back a wrong ID

Hi ! I'm using the VL53L4CD sensor's example with the Nucleo-L432KC.A first problem I solved was that the VL53L4CD didn't have the adress 0x52 as in the documentation, but 0x29 (this problem has already mentioned in a topic).My current problem is tha...

CPoisson by Associate III
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Resolved! VL53L8CX Simulation

Hi @John E KVAM and @Anne BIGOT I'm attempting to mimic the ideal operation of the VL53L8CX in simulation. I've traced out 64 rays from the sensor within the the 45x45 degrees FOV as shown. Consider the top row (underlined in black) the rays are draw...

David01 by Associate II
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Vl53L4CX giving status 255 in alternate cycles above 7cm

Hi,I am working on a project where I am using an array of 16 VL53L4CX to measure both the X and Y coordinate of any object in front of my sensor array. I want my loop time to be less than 50ms, so I am using 1MHz I2c clock. Currently I'm able to read...

kps98 by Associate II
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VL53L4CX - Connecting Multiple Sensors

Hi there, I am involved in a project comprising 16x VL53L4CX Sensors, we are trying to measure and track the x and y coordinates of an object in front of the sensor array. Currently, I can read from all sensors in 33ms on average. Even though I'm usi...

VL53L8CX firmware consumes most of the STM32 flash

Hello,I am currently working with an STM32 MCU equipped with 128KB of flash memory, alongside the X-NUCLEO-53L8A1 Time-of-Flight expansion board featuring the VL53L8CX sensor. It has come to my attention that the sensor's firmware, as defined in vl53...

Mostafa1 by Associate II
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Vl53l8cx sharpener can not be set!

I am using the latest ULD driver of vl53l8cx. The sensor can work now. But when I use the function vl53l8cx_set_sharpener_percent to change the sharpener param, it does not work. There is no effection on the distance. I also used the vl53l5cx_set_sha...

WeiJia by Associate II
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