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VL53L5CX: Info about target status [renewed]

I am renewing this conversation because I had added this concern to a conversation with the same subject that was marked as solved. Originally posted by @MBela.3 .I have not received a response. However, it is very important to me not only for my app...

Resolved! RSVD6 of VL53L5CXV0GC

In VL53L5CXV0GC Typical application schematic, The pin RSVD6 must connect a 47 kΩ pullup resistor to IOVDD. If I keep this pin as floating, what will happen? Will power consumption increase? Or is the detection inaccurate?Thany you. 


Resolved! VL53L5CX Calibration after cover glass

Hi, I have two VL53L5CX and use glass to cover them. We can call them A&B.To A, I use the VL53L5CX_XTalkCalibration   function after init. To B, I do nothing.But result of both are close. Does it mean I can cover the glass without calibration?@John E...

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MasterNi by Associate
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Resolved! VL53L4CD Minimum distance reading

Hi,I am testing a VL53L4CD sensor for a measurement application. I am using the example code from the API to test out the sensor and I'm having an issue with the minimum distance of the sensor. It will not report a measurement range less than 70mm an...

GJohn.4 by Associate II
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VL53L5CX Operation Theory

Hi, I was wondering if there was additionaly theory avaliable about the operation of the VL53L5CX TOF sensor? I've already read the datasheets and applications notes. I'm particulalry interested in how the SPAD array identifies the transmitted light ...

David01 by Associate II
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VL53L0X inaccurate off-perpendicular?

I'm using the VL35L0X.ino demo code on an Arduino UNO and a clone VL53L0X sensor. I very carefully measured the off-perpendicular distance measurements obtained from the VL53L0X and compared them to actual tape measure measurements. On average there...

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FPayn.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L5CX status Mean

when I use VL53L5CX and get a status, then check with the table, but I still need further description than can explain STATUS means what.It's better like the picture below. Now I meet status 2, but I do not know why this happened.  

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MasterNi by Associate
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Resolved! Long Range TOF

Hello, I want to ask about the maximum range of VL53L1CB, as it says in the table (as seen in attached photo) that it's up to 8m. However, in data sheet or specification just says over 400cm.1) So is the performance should be good at 8m range outdoor...

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E_K by Associate
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