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Resolved! Boot from USB OTG pins on STM32MP131

Hi everyone,we are in the middle of bringing up a custom board using the STM32MP131. Booting from an SD card already works. However, we would like to use the STM32CubeProgrammer to directly connect the board via USB. For this, the OTG USB pins OTG_HS...

MaxMKA by Associate
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XDisplayInfoHeader.h file error

Hello, I am working on STM32MP135-dk board.i am running make command but its not working, it shows fatal error: XDisplayInfoHeader.h: No such file or directory, this error. How to solve it ? i am sharing some screenshots below. 

Pooja321_0-1700799142242.png Pooja321_1-1700799173261.png
Pooja321 by Associate II
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Resolved! Fail to add file into rootfs in Yocto

I have a simple recipes, which used to install certain files to rootfs, as below:DESCRIPTION = "A hello world example"SECTION = "appauto"DEPENDS = ""LICENSE = "CLOSED"FILESEXTRAPATHS:append := ":${THISDIR}/file"SRC_URI = "file://hello.service \"do_in...

HYC by Associate
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Resolved! stm32mp135-dk board password for putty

i am using stm32mp135-dk board i am install the  STM32MP1-Ecosystem-v5.0.0 Starter Package    now i want to connect the board with my laptop using putty software ,i have the ip address of the board but did't have the password of the board. what will ...

Pooja321 by Associate II
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