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LBEE5KL1DX-883 using SDMMC3

Hello,We are using the LBEE5KL1DX-883 WLAN+BT chip with a STM32MP157C on a custom board. The SDIO interface is routed to the SDMMC3 interface (different from the DK-2 board). However when we are probing the brcmfmac module, it cannot find the mmc0 in...

MLars.10 by Associate II
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Resolved! Error: fsbl1 (0x4): invalid address 0x4400 (min=0x80000) during loading flash_layout image to custom STM32MP1 board

Hi!During loading flash_layout image to custom STM32MP1 I've got following error after staring u-boot and truing to load information to partition 0x04 fsbl1:U-Boot 2020.01-stm32mp-r1 (Jan 06 2020 - 20:56:31 +0000)CPU: STM32MP157DAB Rev.ZModel: STMicr...

ASkri.1 by Senior
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Resolved! STPMIC1 efficiency at low load

Dear all, I am looking to use the STPMIC1 in one new STM32MP15x design which will spend most of this time in standby mode. I am looking for STPMIC1 buck efficiency at light load (~1mA). In the datasheet there is numbers only for 150mA, 750mA and 1A. ...

PGE by Associate III
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Resolved! STPMIC1 on I2C2 breaks ATF? Bug?

I'm currently working with the Seed STM32MP1 SoM which has STPMIC1 attached to I2C2. I've been working on setting up a device tree for it, but I've been hitting some bugs. When booting the mainline ATF with my device tree (modified DK2 board, just wi...

JGuy1 by Associate II
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