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Forum migration lost code formatting

I've noticed that for example in the inserted code is flowed instead of formatted as code.

ST, can this please be fixed?

@Legacy member 

Associate III

Also lost all previous e-mails links...

Associate III

Number of replies in drop-down (page top search line suggestion) is incorrect. It always display 1.

> drop-down (page top search line suggestion)

I'm not sure what do you have in mind. Can you please post a screenshot highlighting this item?


There are also missing threads, i.e. lost in migration, e.g. (can't be found using search for "2017 stm32 wish list" either)


Funnily enough, search did find Amel's 2021 Annual Wishlist, , which was promptly censored back then (in the promise of Ideas, which as we already know was the failure exactly as we expected it to be).


Search is the expected stupidity anyway. The suggestions are expectedly completely wrong, please remove them.

Searching for "piranha ETH":

Showing results for piranha Beth
Search instead for piranha eth
ST Employee

Thank you for mentioning that. However, it is already on the to-do list and will hopefully be fixed, just like several other teething problems.


In order to give better visibility on the answered topics, please click on Accept as Solution on the reply which solved your issue or answered your question.

To write the previous post, I copy-pasted two lines from the search page (Showing results for piranha Beth/Search instead for piranha eth). As the second line did not show up in the editor, I wrote manually "Searching for "piranha ETH". Upon sending, it threw an error, something about incorrect html and displayed some mess. After tidying up the mess and sending, the second line showed up AFTER my signature i.e. the last line I wrote.

Yes, yes, all these were expected. You should've kept it simple.


Hi Peter, 

> Thank you for mentioning that. 

In this thread, as many problems are discussed, you may want to reply to the post I've made instead of posting at the bottom. It appears that in that way it might be possible to identify the posts tree, although I'm not sure if it works in all cases.