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Formatting code should be easier



There are a significant amount of threads where code is pasted as plaintext a thread. As an example, this one, where the user clearly searched for a way to format it as code but couldn't find how:

The underlying issue is that formatting a code block is hidden behind the "..." in the editor.


This is despite having more than enough room to accommodate such an important feature.


Consider promoting the code formatting to the main toolbar and relegating the following near-useless features to the "..." abyss:

  • Spoiler tags. (Why is this a thing at all?)
  • Insert video.
  • Change font.
  • Change font size.
  • Chang text color.
  • Run macro. (What even is this?)
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Accepted Solutions

Thanks @TDK,
The "insert/edit code sample" is now visible in the top toolbar. This should assist users in finding the functionality better.

@Andrew Neil Thanks for suggesting the addition of the code template to "tips on posting". Having more visibility on the functionalities of the text editor is on the to-do list. 

Best regards,


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Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Absolutely this!

This is such a long-standing issue - not only here but on pretty much all similar forums - that you'd have thought we should be past it by now!



I'll just leave this here, so that I can easily find it again when needed - and anyone else feel free to copy & paste:


Use this button to properly post source code:


To get that extra row of icons, press this button:





@Lina DABASINSKAITE Why did you accept a solution here? The problem wasn't asking how to format code, it was a suggestion to move it out of its hidden location so users can find it easier.

If the UI was improved, users wouldn't have to go find instructions for how to do something basic.

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Although, to be fair, on forums where it's in plain view it still doesn't get used - so hiding it absolutely guarantees it won't get used.

Users won't just find it; they need to be explicitly shown it.

It's now quite common on forums that new users have to take a "tour" before being allowed to post - to make sure they know things like this.

Community manager
Community manager

Hi @TDK and @Andrew Neil 

Thanks for your feedback on this matter.

I have reached out to our support and requested that the "insert/edit code sample" button be relocated, so that it appears on the main toolbar.

I appreciate your input on the removal of other features in the text editor. This is also considered for future changes. For now, the main priority is the button relocation.

Best regards,

@Laurids_PETERSEN wrote:

 For now, the main priority is the button relocation.


If you need to make space to do that (which would be understandable), the 'Bullet list' and 'Numbered list' could certainly be relegated to the 2nd row. They really aren't key features at all!




Thanks for the suggestion @Andrew Neil

This is about the same way that I would like to approach this. My current suggestion is to have the code template placed between the "numbered list" and "quote."
This would mean that the "insert video" function moves into the expanded toolbar.

Moving forward, preferences for the first-row toolbar functionalities may vary based on individual opinions and use.
If you have the time, I would be keen to know which buttons (10) you consider most suitable for the first toolbar. @TDK feel free to send your suggestions as well. 

You can either reply in this thread or send me a private message and I will get back to you. 

I will keep you posted regarding any changes.

Best regards,

I note that the 'Tips on Posting':


Doesn't include any reference to posting source code.

Thanks for the response.

Personally, my top used would be the following, in roughly this order:

  • bold (I use ctrl+b hotkey)
  • italic (I use ctrl+i hotkey)
  • strikethrough
  • bulleted list (only one option is needed, no need for different styles)
  • insert code sample
  • insert picture (I use ctrl+v hotkey)
  • insert link

Pretty sure that's all I ever use.

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