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Resolved! The new thread layout is so much better

Yesterday, the thread view changed from showing about 3 threads per page to about 10 or so by only showing the title and not a preview of the contents. It is so much better. It's something that has been suggested by myself and others multiple times. ...

TDK by Guru
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Security with Forum login

I have to make this post, as it is really annoying for me. I would like to use other words for this, but im trying to stay professional about this!Its already bad enough, when your login expires after only like 1-2 hours. Now why on earth would a pas...

Tobe by Senior III
  • 1 replies
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Missing labels

When looking at a subforum, on the right side there are many labels available. For example, for the "Embedded software (MCUs)", the list starts with a label "ADC". But, when creating or editing a topic, there are just 9 labels available starting with...

Piranha by Chief II
  • 8 replies
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ST web server bug for PDF files

This is not a bug of the forum engine, but of the main ST web server! Let's open the following link: default on a Chromium/Bl...

Piranha by Chief II
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Wrong topic title for moved posts

If one takes a link to a specific post, then the posts, which had been moved from other topics, show the title of their respective original topic.Original post (OK)Moved post (wrong title):Also, as I have reported previously, adding a "Re: " in front...

Piranha by Chief II
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Where is the functionnal website

I hate when i have to come on this site for resources.Now i need to download it just does'nt work as i keep being repeated I have to log in but i already am. I tried switching browser.N...

angryman by Associate II
  • 10 replies
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Resolved! My Creations

Hi, Just wondering what happened to the "My Creations" where people could post entire projects? I have a couple of projects that solve some of the problems people have had such as WiFi for the STM32H7B3I-DK, using one pulse timers, and have posted on...

Resolved! Account password changing

I would like to change my account password, but I can't find how to do it...Under my account and my settings I can't find any option/command for this purpose.

iTTy by Associate III
  • 3 replies
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"Invalid HTML" errors on posting a message.

I'm trying to post a question but keep getting the following error:"Correct the highlighted errors and try again.""Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the mes...