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What do the search date filters mean?

Andrew Neil
Chief III


It seems that they do mean what they say; eg, "a week ago" does mean posts 7 days old (or more?)

But this seems a rather useless filter?

Surely, more useful is "within the last 7 days", "within the last month", etc?

In other words, "not older than 1 week", "not older than 1 month", etc.

As in, searching for stuff where "I know I saw this recently - not more than a week ago".


Can we at least have these added?

And there really needs to be something between "a month" and "a year" - at least "a quarter" (3 months) and "half a year" ?


Or just let us enter a date range

Community manager
Community manager

Hi @Andrew Neil,

Thanks for your feedback. To clarify, the search filters currently roughly excludes posts based on date and time.
"A day ago" means posts roughly created a day before you executed your search. 

Your suggestions in regards to a different search logic, basically "including" instead of "excluding" a given range is valid. I'll pass this on to our support and see if such filters can be implemented. 

I will post an update once I know more. 

Best regards and thanks again,