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Hello everyone,I've installed STM32CubeIDE and I've created a new STM32 project with STM32MP1x (in this case STM32MP131AAE3) as target but in the project there are only two directories (DeviceTree and Drivers).There isn't a source directory ("src") w...
Hello everyone,I have to convert a neural network into optimized C code for STM32MP1x. Is it necessary using OpenSTLinux (so X-Linux-AI) or is there an other way to get it? 
Hello everyone,I've a question. I want to use a Cortex-A7 on STM32MP13x or STM32MP15x for my project and I would like to parallelize my application. Can I use OpenMP on STM32CubeIDE? Is there a difference if I use OpenSTLinux?
I have to deploy a NN on this device and I want to optimize cache for improving the energy efficiency. 
I have to deploy an algorithm with a lightweight deep learning-based approach on a low-power STM System-on-Chip based on an Arm Cortex-M-class MCU or Arm Cortex-A-class MPU. Is there a way to reduce cache-misses or a way to reduce the CPU stalls on c...
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