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Hi dearsI saw a bug in live expressions. So I attached some images. As you see data's location in Arrey shifted. the correct value is the left one. Thank you
Hi every oneHow can I use LWIP TCP connection(socket, NetConn, Raw ... )  in main.cpp   ?I can use Raw in main.c properly but I need to use it in cpp files. thank you
Hi friends I tried to configure the ethernet driver to use LAN8720 and also LAN8742 but I find that some icons missed.the menu that I faced is like this:but some search on the internet shows that I don't have some parts:look at lines and arrows. and ...
Hi dearsIs there any limitation to adding images and text to TouchGFX?
Hi dearsthanks in advance to produce and developing TouchGFX Software.I have some advice for the new update of this software. It would be good if we can have groups for images like groups available for texts.we can improve our management of images wh...
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