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missing icons in ethernet configuration part of cubeMX in new version

Associate III

Hi friends 

I tried to configure the ethernet driver to use LAN8720 and also LAN8742 but I find that some icons missed.

the menu that I faced is like this:


but some search on the internet shows that I don't have some parts:


look at lines and arrows. and also one of the headers missed too[advance parameters].



the version that I use is 6.9.0

what can I do to solve problems?

thanks for your attention


Associate III

Also attention to the red arrow on the first image.

It mentioned to wrong RAM address for STM32F767 series.


Hii @MTora.1 

i can give you some tips to use ethernet

1. I'll suggest you to dont use latest vesrion of CubeMx. because in the new version of cubemx when im configuring ethernet my controoler is getting deadlock, when i debug it then i got to know that my controller is getting stucked in the startup file. when i pressed f5 button continiusly then it is getting out from startup file and then everything stars working properly.

2. So instead of lastest version i'll suggest you to use CubeMx version 5.4.0 in this vesion with same configuration ethernet is working fine.

3. To configure ethernet first you have to enable ethernet by selecting mode as RMII mode. then you also have to enable LWIP from middel ware section and you have to give static ip addresses by disabling DHCP module.

4. i'll suggest you to use FreeRTOS (Its not compulsury).

if your facing any  other issues in 5.4.0 so let me know.

here in my article we are disscussing other issues related to ethernet you can check it: