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Why STM32cubeProgrammer suddenly stopped working & OpenFile tab is not accepting mouse click, Neither navigating to brows file option?

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I was using STM32Cubeprogrammer for long time but suddenly Its main function of browsing and selection file option (OpenFile) stopped working. After multiple time install and uninstall it has the same behavior in a particular PC. I tried older versions & both 32bit-64bit variants but no luck. 0693W00000Un8uPQAR.png

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@Imen DAHMEN​ 

#STM32CubeIDE​ #STM32CubeProgrammer​ #STM32MP1​ 

ST Employee

Hello @PS.2​ ,

Thank you for flagging this for me!

Which CubeProgrammer version is used ?

Is there any change made on your computer (new software install, issue with Anti Virus blocking) ? 

Have you try to restart your computer ?

I added my colleague @Houda GHABRI​ from CubeProgrammer team to help on this topic.


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ST Employee

Maybe because you have last open folder pointing to a resource not mapped anymore (e.g. network drive) ? Did you wait enought time (sometimes windows timeout is very very long)

If this is the root cause, don't know where this 'most recent path' could be reset.


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Hi Imen, Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your valuable minutes.

@Imen DAHMEN​ I'm using latest version which is 2.11.0. No issues with antivirus it worked for sometime & yes I tried restart and reinstalling several time after clearing disk.

@PatrickF​, Yeah I've deleted the earlier folder being used as it was no longer required. I waited for long to be responded but no luck.

hahaha, can't reset means I'll be no longer able to use STM32Cubeprogrammer ?

If still you get any clue on solving it please share.

Thanks again to both of you.

Hi @Houda GHABRI​ 

Awaiting your valuable support.


meanwhile, you could use cubeprogrammer with command line

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ST Employee

Hi @PS.2​ ,

Can you please tell me more about what you mean by "particular PC", It occurs in a specific PC?

As mentioned by @PatrickF​  try to use the command line and send us the logfile .

We try to find the root cause because as It is presented everything seems to be OK .


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Hi @Houda GHABRI​ 

Yes, Its causing issue in my laptop only while its running well on others 😀 . In command line its working as expected.


Hi @PS.2 


I realise this is sometime after your initial post but I think I've found a workaround after I was hit by the same bug you experienced.

This bug occurs because STM32CubeProgrammer remembers the last file path it attempted to access and in the event of an error gets locked up and can no longer access files. This can happen either because there was an error with the file you attempted to open, or simply that the path you last accessed with the program no longer exists, like a network drive.


There is a file called which by default is located in:

<Your User Path>\STMicroelectronics\STM32CubeProgrammer

By deleting the saved values for readFileLastPathWB, readLastOpenFile, and readFileLastPath I was able to restart STM32CubeProgrammer and open files again.