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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.10.0 released

ST Employee

STM32CubeProgrammer v2.10.0 release information

New features

• Added the updater tool for automatic software updates. The updater allows the users to make automatic updates of the software and its associated packages. It is available in all supported operating systems: Windows®, Linux®, and macOS®.

• Added the support for OpenBootloader via UART for the STM32U5 Series.

• Added the possibility to unlock the STM32WL dual-core microcontrollers after a wrong option byte programming through a new button in the GUI or a command in the CLI.

• Added the support for the STM32U59x/5Ax microcontrollers.

• Added the SFI, SMI, and SFIx integrity check for the STM32H73xxx microcontrollers.

Fixed issues

82999 [STM32WB Series] Make feature, RF Stack type, and version visible on GUI.

83752 Inconsistent use of bin option for STM32MP1 microprocessors.

97890 Integrate the modified MT25TL01G_STM32H750B-DISCO.stldr.

102454 Add spent time information for option byte configuration in log file.

103609 [Signing_Tool] Allow the change of the -of option on an already signed stm32 file.

108742 [STM32L151RD] Wrong flash memory size: 128 Kbytes instead of 384 Kbytes.

111228 Add Check for updates feature.

112974 STM32MPU157F-EV1 Android™ OS flash programming problem.

113279 Confusing behavior with NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q at 1.8 V with the SWD frequency max.

116342 Add the support of .s19 files.

118242 STM32CubeProgrammer fails to program an image bigger than 2.8 Kbytes and shows a wrong image size.

118288 OpenBootloader via SPI receives a checksum as flash memory page number in Erase Memory command from STM32CubeProgrammer.

118871 [FlashLoader] Update the external flash loader 0x450.stldr.

119243 [STM32G0 Series][GUI] Wrong RAM_PARITY_CHECK description.

119940 RDU fails on STM32G071xx with RDP set to BB and active bootlock on last cut.

120160 nRST_STOP, nRST_STDBY, and nRST_SHDW option byte values are modified when scrolling the user configuration option bytes TAB.

120954 The .bin file cannot be programmed successfully on STM32L4R9xx microcontrollers.

121620 TFA decryption fails. 


Lead II

Has it been better tested than CubeIDE 1.8.0?

I installed Cube IDE 1.8.0 and since then I've had lots of downloading or debugging problems on several boards, like many other users on the community. ST's only response was: not reproduced. I reverted to 1.6.1.

I'm going to wait a while for others to say they have no problems before installing a new STM32CubeProgrammer...

Senior III


I jumped and updated from 2.8 to 2.10 this morning.

I did not test all the features yet, however I have noticed some odd behavior with this release, see output log below. This log was obtained from the GUI by simply connecting a F051 Discovery kit through its onboard ST-Link V2, in verbose mode 3. The onboard ST-Link firmware was updated just before to the latest revision.

10:33:06:926 : STLinkUSBDriver.dll loaded
10:33:06:927 : STLinkUSBDriver.dll loaded
10:33:06:928 : ST-LINK SN  : 30FF6E065647373727400643
10:33:06:928 : ST-LINK FW  : V2J39S0
10:33:06:933 : Board       : --
10:33:06:938 : Voltage     : 2.94V
10:33:06:952 : SWD freq    : 4000 KHz
10:33:06:952 : Connect mode: Under Reset
10:33:06:952 : Reset mode  : Hardware reset
10:33:06:953 : Device ID   : 0x440
10:33:06:959 : Revision ID : Rev 2.0
10:33:06:967 : flash loader C:\Program Files\STMicroelectronics\STM32Cube\STM32CubeProgrammer\bin/FlashLoader/0x440.stldr is loaded
10:33:06:971 : STLinkUSBDriver.dll loaded
10:33:06:971 : ST-LINK SN  : 30FF6E065647373727400643
10:33:06:971 : ST-LINK FW  : V2J39S0
10:33:06:975 : Board       : --
10:33:06:975 : Voltage     : 2.96V
10:33:06:982 : SWD freq    : 4000 KHz
10:33:06:982 : Connect mode: Under Reset
10:33:06:983 : Reset mode  : Hardware reset
10:33:06:988 : Device ID   : 0x440
10:33:06:992 : Revision ID : Rev 2.0
10:33:06:992 : Debug in Low Power mode is not supported for this device.
10:33:06:992 : Reading data...
10:33:06:992 : r ap 0 @0x1FFFF7CC 0x00000004 bytes Data 0xFFFF0040
10:33:07:171 :   Bank          : 0x00
10:33:07:171 :   Address       : 0x1ffff800
10:33:07:172 :   Size          : 16 Bytes
10:33:07:172 : Reading data...
10:33:07:172 : r ap 0 @0x1FFFF800 0x00000010 bytes Data 0x00FF55AA
10:33:07:173 :   Bank          : 0x00
10:33:07:173 :   Address       : 0x1ffff800
10:33:07:173 :   Size          : 16 Bytes
10:33:07:174 : Reading data...
10:33:07:174 : r ap 0 @0x1FFFF800 0x00000010 bytes Data 0x00FF55AA
10:33:07:174 : UPLOADING ...
10:33:07:174 :   Size          : 1024 Bytes
10:33:07:175 :   Address       : 0x8000000
10:33:07:175 : Read progress:
10:33:07:175 : Reading data...
10:33:07:176 : r ap 0 @0x08000000 0x00000400 bytes Data 0x20000408
10:33:07:176 : Data read successfully
10:33:07:176 : Time elapsed during the read operation is: 00:00:00.007

Notice that it loads 3 times the USB driver dll, and listed 2 times in a row the ST-Link.

The rest of the operations are one only once, as expected.

Is it me or do other users see this as well ?

Best regards.

Hello @Kraal​ ,

First let me thank you for having reported 😊

Actually you're right, backing to the log, USB driver dll is loaded more than one time. Same for ST Link configuration and Target information which are duplicated in the log.

This misbehavior is reported internally to be reviewed and fixed.  I'll keep you posted with the updates.

Internal ticket number: Ticket 124081 (This is an internal tracking number and is not accessible or usable by customers).

Thanks for your contribution.



The fault comes from my Avast antivirus which detected false positives, and put files in quarantine. As notifications were disabled, it was done silently, and therefore CubeIDE behaved abnormally.

ST Support helped me resolve this issue beyond their control. Thank you

Associate II

The download appears to be broken. I have tried several different browsers and 2 computers. After you accept the download agreement it comes up as "Sorry, Page Not Found"

Doesnt seem to work no matter what version you select....

@Nawres GHARBI​  @Khouloud OTHMAN​  running into a problem with the tool seizing up when reading full capacity on a 128MB device, goes very slowly, but at 99% it just spins endlessly, looks to be perhaps the next-to-last data block request in, ending in the 0x97FF8000 realm, the debug/verbose log seems to indicate the submission, but not return of the Read call (SPI FLASH MODE), so actually calling into the loader. Similar to a complaint I had with the command line version last year. Then I think the GUI version had a size limitation of the reading then (couple of MBs ?), now it does except 0x08000000 (128MB) as a request size.

Also I'm not sure I want to read this into the scrolling data display, I really just want "Save As" to work with a SIZE that I specify, not carry over the "Read" one. Or have a "Save All As" which takes the full memory size.

Who should I involve related to SW QA ?

Tips, buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..
Associate III

120183 F7 flash bug did not make it into this release? any hope for .11?

Associate II


STM32CubeProgrammer 2.10.0 (probably older versions too) has an issue with showing correct BORF_LEV and BORR_LEV Option byte values, they are mixed with each other.

Adding screenshot from CLI.0693W00000LyjqfQAB.png 

OB data: 0xFFFFE7AA, where E7 in binary 0b1110 0111.

According to the datasheet OB table, the BORR_LEV would be "11" and BORF_LEV - "00".

So, in CubeProgrammer (and CLI) it's swapped.

From STM32G031K6 datasheet:


Associate II

Helo, I got error after installing CubeProgrammer v2.10.0 on os x 10.9.5.

java -version

java version "1.8.0_331"

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_331-b09)

Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.331-b09, mixed mode)

please somebody tell Me how to fix it. Thanks you