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SBSFU - can not connect to STM32WB5M - Error: ST-LINK error (DEV_TARGET_CMD_ERR)

Associate III

I think i bricked my chip but dont know what happened and how i could revive the chip. The Error when i try to connect with STM32CubeProgrammer is: "Error: ST-LINK error (DEV_TARGET_CMD_ERR)"

What have i done to get to this state:

  •  erase chip completly
  • flash with sbsfu
  • uart shows: "Applying RDP-1 Level. You might need to unplug/plug the USB cable!"
  • restart device with unplug cable
  • plug cable

After i can not connect again via STM32CubeProgrammer.

ST-Link Configurations are

  • Port: SWD
  • Frequency: 8000
  • Mode: Under Reset
  • Access Port: 0
  • Reset mode: Hardware Reset



  14:33:37 : ST-LINK SN  : 002C004A3331511534333834
  14:33:37 : ST-LINK FW  : V3J10M3B5S1
  14:33:37 : Board       : STLINK-V3MODS
  14:33:37 : Voltage     : 3.30V
  14:33:37 : Error: ST-LINK error (DEV_TARGET_CMD_ERR)


I also tested all other modes.


With the st-util tool command "st-info --probe" i got the following output:


$ st-info --probe --connect-under-reset
Found 1 stlink programmers
  version:    V3J10S1
  serial:     002C004A3331511534333834
  flash:      0 (pagesize: 0)
  sram:       0
  chipid:     0x0000
  descr:      unknown device


so the st-link can not read the device information i think. What could be the Problem and what could i try?