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I wish to store data in the flash memory of my STM32G030C8T6 microcontroller. The issue I am facing is that my data is not being stored in contiguous memory banks, but rather the banks are being skipped, as seen from the image.

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0693W00000Y8sbDQAR.pngI have written a small driver code for the same to store different types of data types to a memory location.

The link to my code is: Yadnik1/Eeprom-Emulation-driver-STM32 (

and I have taken reference from here: STM32/FLASH_PROGRAM/F1 SERIES at master ·

Reference Blog: How to Program Flash memory in STM32 » ControllersTech

The available code was for STM32F103C8T6 microcontroller, and I had to make some changes to the code for my g0 series MCU.

It would be very helpful if someone can please tell me what mistake I am making.

Thank you very much!!!

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G0 require the Flash memory to be written in units of 64-bit words - check the manual. You cannot write it by words (32-bit), only in pairs.

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Thanks gbm,

Thanks for pointing the problem out. Any changes you could please suggest in my code for incorporating this change.


you hardcoded a bunch of 8s and 4s , im sure you skipped/swapped one of those


we dont need to firmware by ourselves, lets talk
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Thanks a lot Javier for pointing that out,

What should the values be according to you, in place of 8?


uint32_t EndPageAdress = StartPageAddress + numberofwords*4;


StartPageAddress += 8;

are yielding the same result.

I am not saying the value shouldnt be 8/4, i meant if those numbers are harcoded like that there is usually a big chance you messed up some.

we dont need to firmware by ourselves, lets talk

Okay Javier got it,

But I tried multiple values that made sense, but I am getting the same error.

Any other suggestions?

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@gbm​ ,

Can you please tell me how I can inculcate the change you are suggesting into my code.


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Look at the EraseInitStruct.Page = statements in your code, one after another. They don't seem to be correct.

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Thanks @gbm​ ,

I think I have got where the issue is.

I am doing:

EraseInitStruct.Page = StartPage;

EraseInitStruct.NbPages = ((EndPage - StartPage)/(FLASH_PAGE_SIZE)) +1;

whereas in the example code it is

EraseInitStruct.PageAddress = StartPage; EraseInitStruct.NbPages = ((EndPage - StartPage)/FLASH_PAGE_SIZE) +1;

Most probably this is causing the issue.

The definition of Page is: Initial Flash page to erase when page erase is enabled. This parameter must be a value between 0 and (FLASH_PAGE_NB - 1)

and that of PageAddress is: Initial FLASH page address to erase when mass erase is disabled. This parameter must be a number between Min Data = 0x08000000 and Max_Data = FLASH_BANKx_END (x = 1 or 2 depending on devices).

Can you please suggest an alternative to be used for PageAdress for g0 series, as I am not able to identify what the correct variable alternative to PageAdress could be.