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[Feature Request] Cubeprogrammer address section

Associate II


I have a feature request for the STM32CubeProgrammer.

As we know, when we connect the board, we can display the memory fields as like following:


But when I disconnected from the board, the fields are gone:


I know that this is not a bug, its a feature but, sometimes I want to observe some memory fields when I not connected the board as well. Currently I am copying the memory to somewhere else and reading....

I think would be great If you add this feature (Keeping the old data and memory sections on editor) or maybe you can inform the user that these information are not real-time data or, you can add some gray layer top layer on the editor to inform user that data is not available.


Bonus request: As we know, the twitter is renamed to X. Maybe you need to consider to change the icon here:



ST Employee

Hello @mcagriaksoy 

Thank you for your contribution. I will escalate it to the concerned team in the internal ticket number 176770 (This number is just for internal tracking).

Best Regards.


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