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STM32CubeMX 5.4.0 released

ST Employee

Dear community

We are pleased to announce the release of STM32CubeMX v5.4.0

What is new in STM32CubeMX V5.4.0?

• Added the support of the STM32L5 Series (beta support)(a):

– Possibility to create projects with no TrustZone® security (user Option Byte TZEN = 0 with legacy project structure) or with TrustZone® security (TZEN = 1 with new project structure for secure and non-secure images). For TrustZone® projects (TZEN=1), in order to match default IDAU/SAU and secure and non-secure linker files, special Option Bytes setting is required.

– Possibility to assign peripheral or middleware to secure (CM33S) or non-secure (CM33NS) context.

– Possibility to secure RCC resources via the Clock Configuration tab. Securable resources are highlighted with a "key" icon.

– Support of microcontrollers in the STM32L5 Series: STM32L552CCTx, STM32L552CETx, STM32L552CETxP, STM32L552CCUx, STM32L552CEUx, STM32L552CEUxP, STM32L552MEYxP, STM32L552MEYxQ, STM32L552QEIx, STM32L552QEIxP, STM32L552QCIxQ, STM32L552QEIxQ, STM32L552RCTx, STM32L552RETx, STM32L552RETxP, STM32L552RETxQ, STM32L552VETx, STM32L552VCTxQ, STM32L552VETxQ, STM32L552ZETx, STM32L552ZCTxQ, STM32L552ZETxQ, STM32L562CETx, STM32L562CETxP, STM32L562CEUx, STM32L562CEUxP, STM32L562MEYxP, STM32L562MEYxQ, STM32L562QEIxP, STM32L562QEIxQ, STM32L562RETx, STM32L562RETxP, STM32L562VETx, STM32L562VETxQ, STM32L562ZETx, STM32L562ZETxQ. – Added the support of boards based on devices in the STM32L5 Series: NUCLEO-L552ZE-Q, STM32L552E-EV and STM32L562E-DK.

• STM32MP1 updates: – Support of the new project structure aligned with dual-core constraints with no backwards compatibility (refer to Section 2.1: Known limitations for information about the compatibility break).

– Added IAR™ EWARM to the list of supported IDEs for the STM32MP1 Series.

– Added Keil® to the list of supported IDEs for the STM32MP1 Series.

– Added STM32CubeIDE to the list of supported IDEs for STM32MP1 series.

– Added the support of LL code generation for the STM32MP1 Series for some peripherals: ADC, GPIO, RCC, USART, SYS, DMA, LPTIM, TIM, SPI, WWDG, PWR, and I2C.

• STM32CubeIDE updates

– Added the support of the STM32MP1 Series.

– Added the support of the STM32H7 Series.

– Added the support of the STM32L5 Series.

– Non-under-root projects can be imported.

• Additional software updates:

– CLI for pack install.

– Project migration.

• Code generation:

– Split between system clock and peripheral clock code generation: deployment done for the STM32MP1 Series and STM32L5 Series.

• User Interface updates:

– Split between IDE list and version list for easier selection.

• Install updates:

– Install and Uninstall are signed for the Windows® operating system.

• Added the support of the STM32WBx0 Value Line: STM32WB50CGUx.

• Added the support of new devices in the STM32WB Series: STM32WB55VCYx, STM32WB55VEYx, STM32WB55VGYx.

• Added the support of new devices for the STM32L4 Series: STM32L471ZEJx, STM32L471ZGJx, STM32L4A6AGIxP, STM32L4A6QGIxP, STM32L4A6RGTxP, STM32L4A6VGTx, STM32L4A6ZGTxP and STM32L4A6VGYxP.

Known limitations

Please refer to the RN

Fixed issues

33799 Enable/disable ARPE and OCxPE bits from STM32CubeMX interface.

52366 STM32F412 FSMC PB7 functionality: STM32CubeMX vs. datasheet discrepancy.

55016 DISCO L475 IOT (B-L475E-IOT01A): WI-FI® pins in board description.

66665 [MX-MP][PINOUT] Pinout changes not updated.

67080 STM32CubeMX sometimes displays wrong pin number when creating PWM timer on Timer 1 channel 3N.

68063 [MX-L4][TIM2-GPIO] Line missed in code generation.

69542 [MX-USB]: USB pins set wrongly as alternate functions.

69941 [MX-SAI]: Synchronous slave option is grayed out (in SAI_B) when SAI_A is configured as asynchronous slave.

70244 [MX-USB]: USB_OTG_HS PHY options.

70459 [MX-F4][ADC] Cannot enable “DMA Continuous Requests�?.

70965 [MX-L4][CLOCK] Wrong minimum frequency for ADC.

Firmware package versions

STM32F0 V1.11.0

STM32F1 V1.8.0

STM32F2 V1.8.0

STM32F3 V1.11.0

STM32F4 V1.24.1

STM32F7 V1.15.0

STM32G0 V1.3.0

STM32G4 V1.1.0

STM32H7 V1.5.0

STM32L0 V1.11.2

STM32L1 V1.9.0

STM32L4 V1.14.0

STM32L5 V0.7.0(1)

STM32MP1 V1.1.0

STM32WB V1.3.0

1. Beta support only. Contact the local STMicroelectronics sales office or distributor (refer to to get STM32CubeL5 MCU Package V0.7.0.

Get the new version now

Associate III

Where to report bugs encountered in the STM32CubeMX 5.4.0?

You can do it on the dedicated topic STM32CubeMX:

It will be interesting to put on the title "MX 5.4.0 Bug: <Summary of the issue>" for example.

To give better visibility on the answered topics, please click on Accept as Solution on the reply which solved your issue or answered your question.

Dick Mincher
Associate III

When can I get a STM32L562E-DK?

Will the HAL PKA be supported and are there examples for that module?


D i c k

O. Mz. - 7
Associate III

There are typing errors in the Readme.html file for SetupSTM32CubeMX-5.4.0

  • On MacOS
    • Make sure you have administrators rights.
  • Double click on the SetupSTM32CubeMX-5.4.0 application file to launch the wizard.
  • In case of error, launch the exe file with the following command :
    • sudo java -ar SetupSTM32CubeMX-4.14.0.exe

It seems it should be: sudo java -jar SetupSTM32CubeMX-5.4.0.exe , but not: sudo java -ar SetupSTM32CubeMX-4.14.0.exe .

"j" is missing in -jar, and the version is not 4.14.0, but 5.4.0