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STM32Cube FW_L1 V1.10.3 library has a bug and does not support ADC regular group conversions greater than 16 (conversions) ranks.

Associate II

The CubeMX correctly allows selection of up to 28 conversions, but generated code fails when set above 16. The libraries sequencer scan length definitions end at LL_ADC_REG_SEQ_SCAN_ENABLE_16RANKS and ADC_SQR1_L_4 is not found in the libraries but exists in the STM32L1x programming manual. I should make it clear that I am using the LL (not HAL) drivers. The HAL implementation may work fine.

ST Employee

Hi @robd​,

Similar issue was already reported in this thread.

As no new version for STM32CubeL1 was released since that period, we expect a fix in coming release of the package.

Internal ticket number: 126534 (This is an internal tracking number and is not accessible or usable by customers).


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Associate II

Well STM32Cube FW_L1 V1.10.4 is here but still has problems with LL code. The LL_ADC_REG_Init() function in library file stm32l1xx_ll_adc.c has some problems.

STM32CubeMX is passing in integer value 26U for the sequencer length when set to make 26 conversions in the STM32CubeMX ADC setup screen. The LL_ADC_REG_Init() function contains assert_param(IS_LL_ADC_REG_SEQ_SCAN_LENGTH(ADC_REG_InitStruct->SequencerLength)); which raises an assert error because 26U is not a valid value. The correct value would be (26U - 1U) << 20U which yields the same as using the defined value LL_ADC_REG_SEQ_SCAN_ENABLE_26RANKS. The library code then proceeds to call LL_ADC_REG_SetSequencerLength(ADCx, ADC_REG_InitStruct->SequencerLength) using the bad value  26U.

The LL_ADC_REG_Init() function further assigns the integer value of 26U to ADC_CR1 which lands it in the AWDCH[4:0] location.

  ADC_REG_InitStruct->SequencerLength    // CubeMX sets this to 26U when set for 26 conversions
  | ADC_REG_InitStruct->SequencerDiscont

Having the 26U value here may be by design but I will leave that up to your programmers.

This one is particularly annoying as I log all asserts and I constantly have to take time to check the log that would otherwise be empty if this bug did not exist.