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CubeMX UI is messed up (again, again and again...)

Luiz Pereira
Associate III

Despite referring to the STM32F0 label (can't this forum have a simple one labeled as a general problem for STM32CubeMX???) the problem exists for ALL situations and MCU's where you simply start working with the STM32CubeMX.
Since several years ago, some colleagues on this form (and myself for 1-2 months) continue to report a completely stupid mess in the stm32CubeMX that makes it completely useless (again I attach a picture of today's nonsense and that completely prevented me simply from doing my work at the University - I'm sick of it!) No one at TS has (apparently) spent even a minute trying to solve such a stupid problem. For now (and against my will) I will migrate to NXP MCUs, which at least the configuration software works! As soon as someone at ST fixes the problem (which drags on for years!) please let me know.

Associate II

After years, finally I found a workaround. This issue is really a pain in my ass!!!!!!!

On windows set environment variable J2D_D3D to false can fix this.

You can use the PowerShell command to do this as

setx J2D_D3D false

It seems like unappropriated graphical acceleration issue on windows platform which provide by DirectX3D.

Associate II

One more thing to catch up, STM32cubeMX is not only java GUI application mess up on windows system (such as jadx, JD-Gui). So, I think the problem paraphs not directly relate to STM32cubeMX itself. On my opinion "the GUI mess up" things tend to happen when user use text editor widget and drop box selector widget.


There are some useful links which issue the same "mess up" problem:

OpenRocket GUI Glitch | Rocketry Forum - Model Rocketry Forums

[MCL-4485] Launcher GUI glitch after trying to change profile. - Jira (

Graphical glitch in the GUI version Windows 10 - FileBot


add flag to start the app may also a workaround: -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false

I have this issue as well, on my machines with RTX 4080 dies in them. This isn't acceptable.

You can reproduce it by purchasing a decent video card. Try it on an RTX 4080 with the latest nvidia game drivers, and you'll see it right away.

I think it's any decent NVidia GPU. Both my RTX 4080 (laptop says 4090, but it's really a 4080 desktop die) reproduce the problem.

Dear All

Apparently good news!

Disabling the use of Direct3D pipeline in Java as indicated by @Vertexi  ('setx J2D_D3D false') seems to work (I tested it and managed to work with CubeMX for more than two hours without any problems).

Naturally this is a workaround but for now I think it works. On my desktop I have an Nvidia GTX 1660 Super card. In the next few days I will check how reliable this workaround is.


ST Employee

Hi @Luiz Pereira ,

Thanks a lot for the confirmation that it fix your problem. We will perform some regression test in our side and see if this can be added by default when launching the tool so this issue can disappear forever...



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