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STM32MP1: Unable to transfer CM4 elf file during debugger startup

Associate III

Hi, many thanks for your assistance!

I am using a custom STM32MP157C board, and the problem I am facing is that during the debugging of the CM4 core application, I am unable to automatically transfer the elf file to the destination directory.

To actually debug, I have to manually transfer the elf file using the console and scp, manually start the program from the remote device, then I can attach to the remote debugger with file download set to false.

This is the error message I get when I try to launch the debugger with the file download enabled:


Error in final launch sequence:

Failed pre launch
Failed pre launch
Transfer has failed, please:
1. check your physical connection
2. make sure that your target is still running Linux
3. check your proxy bypass setup inside Network Connections Preferences
4. make sure that your target has enough storage space
5. make sure that remote directory has valid access rights

> you can open a Console View for this...

Original message: Failed to transfer files to (reason: Could not write file: /home/xxx/STM32CubeIDE/workspace_1.6.1/ASAC_OPENST_HMI/CM4/Debug/ASAC_OPENST_HMI_CM4.elf.)


 The Ethernet connection is OK, the target is running OK, the remote folder /usr/local/projects/ASAC_OPENST_HMI_CM4/lib/firmware/ exists, there is room for the elf file, the elf file has these permission rights:


-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2998272 May 31 15:56 ASAC_OPENST_HMI_CM4.elf



I think that the file transfer is done by the ST IDE using root access rights: if so, I do not understand the reason why I am not able to complete the transfer from the IDE.

Have you any suggestion?


Many thanks for your help