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How to wirte data into sd card with using DMA ( STM32MP157A-DK1 )

Associate III


Im pretty new here, to be exact it is 2 weeks that i started learning/working with STM32MP157A-DK1, i did all the getting started tutorials on the wiki, now im looking at the CubeIDE, i dont know where to go.

Basically i want to learn about writing data into SD card (wthich data comes from ethernet) using DMA but dont know where to start, if there is a place for me that i can find some examples for IDE that could be great. I have average knowledge on c++ i can read every useful piece of code or paper, right now im really lost and dont know what to do.

The other topic is can i add aditional libraries in to the IDE and how do i i do that, in C# i can basically do it with nuget packages, but i never used CubeIDE, i also want to learn that

Everything helps,i will be waiting for some guidance.

ST Employee


SDMMC IP is bus master, so no need (and not possible) to use a DMA (DMA is somewhat embedded in the IP). OpenSTLinux or STM32 CubeMP1 HAL drivers manage that for you.

Maybe this link could help you:

CubeIDE is mostly to develop/debug FW for Cortex-M4 side. Would you want to use SDMMC on Linux (Cortex-A7) or Cortex-M4 side ? I recommend to manage SD-Card on Linux side (as it is done on your DK1 board).


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Associate III

I want to work on the Cortex-A7 side. Data communication SPI and i need to get that data and write it into SD card using DMA (direct memory access). This is what I'm told and left stranded basically, I'm desperately trying to figure out things all by myself, so every piece of information is appreciated.

I'm told that i need to use CubeIDE, but if there is another tool or IDE i can use I'm open for that too.