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Why does STM32CubeIDE use Chromium and peg my CPU so high on MacOS?


I'm running IDE version 1.13.1 on MacOS 11.7.1 on a MBP with a dual core 2.8Ghz i7. Unlike every other IDE / CAD package that I use, STM32CubeIDE pegs my CPU really high and spins up the fans even when doing NOTHING. As in, there is no project open, no editors, no HW configuration, literally NOTHING.



Screen Shot 2023-08-29 at 5.05.10 PM.png

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Yep, I'm seeing similar.

It's a real pain when using it on the move as it's killing battery life.

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Same, wtf is even Chromium helper in my notifications


This CPU overload is not MacOS specific, I have the same issue on Ubuntu with the latest STM32CubeIDE 1.14.

Most of the time when I am running this tool it consumes about 30%-40% CPU in 3 threads permanently, doing just nothing ! By chance I work mainly on a desktop PC, but for laptop users it should be a battery killer application, I admit.

The Chromium threads are launched by JxBrowser which is commonly used to display dynamic web pages in Java. As far as I have noticed, it is used by STM32 Target Selector for an MCU when opening the CAD Resources tab (3D animations and so on...). It is also used by the infamous MyST Login system, unmasked by the so *** cookies banner.

Fortunately these 3 threads do not eat too much memory. Phew !

I have attempted to kill the 3 chromium threads while the tool is running and it does not seem to make it unstable, the only consequence is I cannot open the CAD resources tab anymore, but I don't care. If I ever would need it, my internet browser is not so far 🙂

If the CPU overload bothers you too much, maybe have this a try, but at your own risk.

We may hope that in a near future ST will optimize this usage...


I ended up ditching the ST IDE and going with Makefile based regular Eclipse. If I have time, I will explore VSCode as well, as I really liked it a lot when I worked on ESP32 stuff.

I have IDE v 1.13.1 running on Linux MX (5 y old now), "normal " state:


Just on xx.ioc edit, sometimes (!!) going to 30..40% cpu load (doing nothing), until closing the MX/ioc edit window.

Then "normal" again...(or crash...hangup in this state, only kill the app possible then.)

So the IDE is "The Goodthe Bad and the Ugly" .  In one individual .

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