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Try to copy project to new directory tree and open, error "Invalid Input: Must be IFileEditorInput"

Associate III


I'm trying to copy an existing project to a new directory tree to do modifications there (and leave the original unchanged).

It seems like copying all the files to the new tree location and opening the .ioc file should work, but when I try that I get this error "Invalid Input: Must be IFileEditorInput."

I've found similar threads about this in the forums but none of the replies I saw there were helpful.  I looked in the .ioc file as well as the .project and .cproject files for any direct paths that might be a problem and all I could find were relative paths (with ..\.. in front) which should resolve to the same filenames.

Is there an error log or something I could look at which might tell me specifically any problems the IDE encountered?  This "Invalid Input: Must be IFileEditorInput" is ridiculously terse and not helpful at all.

Edit:  I was able to open the Error Log and see this:
Message: Unable to create part
Invalid Input: Must be IFileEditorInput

But that doesn't help very much either...


ST Employee

Well, the STM32CubeIDE is based on Eclipse and logically has the assigned file type .project, as already mentioned e.g. here. The CubeIDE as a comprehensive collection of tools also opens IOC files if you double-click them in the embedded file explorer.

Hope that helps?

Good luck!

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