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SubGHz_Phy_PingPong - NUCLEO-WL55JC1 Example project breaks

Associate III


When the SubGHz_Phy_PingPong example for the NUCLEO-WL55JC1 project is built without any modification meaning no change to the SubGHz_Phy_PingPong.ioc file everything is fine. I can build and even program the built code to the NUCLEO-WL55JC1 board. 

If I change anything in the SubGHz_Phy_PingPong.ioc configuration and revert the change and then click generate new code, everything stops working. I have observed that the Wizard changes the file structure of the project. 

I am building with the STM32CubeIDE. I want to start a project using SubGHz_Phy_PingPong example as a template and then make some changes to the configuration file by configuring additional peripheral but I am struggling to make a change and get the project to build.

Many thanks in advance.


Associate III

When I said everything stops working. I meant to say that the project no longer builds.

Lead II

In what way does it “no longer build”?

Is there an error message that it reports when you hit build? If so, it would help us for you to tell us the message.

If you take the original code and do not touch anything, you say it builds ok. What about if you select “Rebuild”?

Associate III

Hi Danish1,

At present, the project now builds even with a change to the configuration file.

What I am doing differently is that I now only edit the configuration file using STM32CubeMX. If I need to make further changes. I close the IDE load the ioc file into MX and regenerate the project which I later open in STM32CubeIDE.

Previously I was generating the project in STM32CubeMX and then making change to the configuration file in STM32CubeIDE.

I also did an update on STM32CubeMX version 6.10.0 from version 6.92.

As things stand I would close this ticket as I am unable to reproduce the error I was getting previously.

Thank you for your reply.