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STM32 self-test library (testing GPIO, PWM ...)

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I'm wondering if there are any libraries developed by ST that test STM32 (and STM8) hardware (a library that can test if all GPIOs can be set/reset, if PWM is as accurate as expected, if ADC is ok too etc.)

Any clue ?




I'm not intersted in this at all, but maybe contains something useful for you.


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Hmm i'm not sure about that. They talk about certifications and what i want to do is not about that (they seem to test CPU SRAM and flash "The software self-test library, X-CUBE-STL, is a software-based diagnostic suite for detecting random hardware failures in STM32 safety-critical core components comprising the CPU, SRAM, and Flash memory" but what i want to do is testing GPIO etc). What is more, I can't even download the software.

But thanks by the way !


What you describe appears to be too dependent on particular application (i.e dependent on how the mcu is connected to surrounding peripherals), so that's unlikely any library can be written in a flexible enough manner so that it would reasonably cover any possible usage case.

Prove me wrong.


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Ive had few killed STM32F429i disco boards .

Ive had to upload the ST Demonstration project to be sure about it.

If you are using ST board, all of them have ST example projects.

Other wise make you own self check project

No you are right but i was wondering if ST had developed one library for each board (or just for some boards) but it seems to be a no !

I don't want to check if example projects are working but if all GPIOs are working

You never mentioned particular, ST-made boards, before!

I'm not ST and not going to develop such, just being curious - which board in particular are you interested in?


PS. Mention this in the "wishlist" thread, once it will be set up for this year.

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@Camilo LEMOS​ 

In the title I just mentioned STM32 but I'm currently working on this :

But i could work with all STM32/STM8 MCU. And one day with RENESAS / NPX / TI MCU.

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How can a PWM not be accurate? How do you imagine testing ADC without external analog reference?