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I need help to solve my urgent problem with the stm32 microcontroller


Hello . I am a university student and for the first time I am using an STM32 microcontroller. I have faced the same problem with two microcontrollers, the STM32F030C8T6 first and the STM32F103C8T6 second. The problem is as follows: I am in the process of experimenting with the sensors. When I download the code for the first time, it works normally, but when I download another code the second time, the program does not recognize it. stm32cobeide on the controller, knowing that I use st-link v2 and the computer recognizes it, but the program does not read it. Sorry for my bad English



Is it an authentic ST-LINK ? Show image of device, and serial#

Can you connect with STM32 Cube Programmer?

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Remove and reinsert st-link. If you have used ot for debugging, you need to do this.