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haw to stm32-mw-openbl

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hello to all

i want to build project on bluepill board i want to include stm32-mw-openbl

i got it from  is there any example for this

haw to include in ide

ST Employee

Well, that is already the example you want.

However, you want to use a Blue Pill, which has been known for years to use illegal fakes instead of the original STM32F103, which work differently or not at all for a number of functions. I would therefore strongly recommend that you use a board with an original STM32, e.g. one of the universally usable NUCLEO boards.


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Andrew Neil
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@Elmofty wrote:

i got it from  

So you saw this:


and this:



Associate II

thanks for your replay i try to creat new project with device stm32f103c8t6 but haw to enable 

bootloader as  in the mediaware which packet need to install

Did you read the "How to use" section?

Have you followed the videos ?

Associate II

i think there is miss understand i want to build a project to work as programmer i want to program stm23 device using the boot loader usart with another stm32f103 i means to make one device as programmer as host to connect to the another stm32f103 to program i have see the document an3155 and see all the command all i am looking for it there any lib i can use to build the host device


Well, that does sound like a completely different question to your original post!

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