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Cube IDE 1.14 copy issue with example project

Associate III

The following project is imported in the latest Cube IDE (see below for version info) in an empty, new created workspace:

Screenshot 2023-12-30 203945.png

When the IOC file is opened / code is generated, the following pop up appears (this is also the case when importing the example related to BLE2, since I have both BNRG2A1 and IDB05A2)

Screenshot 2023-12-30 203752.png

If the project related to BLE1 / IDB05A2 is copy / pasted in the workspace, the following error appears and only a part of the project is duplicated.

Screenshot 2023-12-30 203651.png

The BLE2 project can be used as a template using project copy/paste, only the BLE1 project fails. Trying to rename project manually in the files is a huge job (so far not even functional).

Further it's not possible to change the project application structure (in the IOC) from basic to advanced. It would be great if such conversion is supported in future Cube IDE. Alternative, it would be a good idea to review the code samples as many are not up-to-date anymore.

Version info:

Screenshot 2023-12-30 203811.png