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I made a board with the official STM32MP157 and got the following error when measuring the CPU frequency

Associate II

The kernel I used was 4.19 and the CPU on STM32MP157AAA3 was able to read the CPU at 650M frequency.I failed to read when I only replaced THE CPU with STM32MP157DAA1.

STM32MP157AAA3 To read the CPU frequency results are as follows:0693W000004H6DxQAK.png

STM32MP157DAA1 Reads the CPU frequency as follows:


Bernard PUEL
ST Employee


it seems your Device tree (DT) on second case is missing the "opp" node. Did you change the SW (DT) between the test ?

Could you please share the kernel log of 157D case ?

On ST boards, the opp is defined in "stm32mp157c.dtsi" file for 157A, C, D or F.

It is better managed with some dedicated files in V2.0.0 (kernel 5.4).