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 MDK compiles, and the program loads the following results: IDE compiles, and the program loads the following results: The MDK program is exported from the IDE, and the two programs are the sameI want to use openamp in MDK, how can I modify it
The drivers/video/stm32 stm32_ltdc.c in this file.The background color is black, and the modification is as follows:It's still white
Qt uses 'eglfs' to display. After configuring this 'hwcursor', use Qt to display the card on HDMI. The touch screen will also get stuck. When the QT_QPA_GENERIC_PLUGINS environment variable is deleted and the mouse is plugged in, the mouse cannot be ...
The kernel cannot be started in a loop, as long as I use TF-A+UBOOT to start the kernel
As long as this 0x23 file is larger than 200M, it will fail to burn. I use version 2.5