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u-boot menu appears even with 1 boot label in new STM32MP1 eco-system v5.0.0 (Mickledore)

Associate II

We are migrating from the Kirkstone eco-system to the Mickledore eco-system. We found that the extlinux.conf file that gets created is identical in the two builds. However, u-boot now forces a menu to the user, even though we have CONFIG_BOOTDELAY=-2 and only one boot label in the file. This seems to be an intentional change in u-boot, see commit c23bb03. Although other documentation seems to indicate that a menu with only one label boots that label immediately.
The produced extlinux.conf is attached, renamed to extlinux.conf.log to allow upload.
The u-boot output is:


In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Retrieving file: /extlinux/extlinux.conf
Retrieving file: /splash_landscape.bmp
** File not found /splash_landscape.bmp **
There is no valid bmp file at the given address
1:      OpenSTLinux
Enter choice:


We find that if we modify the extlinux recipe to have `UBOOT_EXTLINUX_SPLASH = ""` that this causes the MENU token in extlinx.conf to be removed. Without the MENU token, no menu is presented. (This seems to be a result of code in parse_pxefile_top() that sets cfg->prompt to 1 when it parses any MENU token.)

It seems to me that it would make sense to have the UBOOT_EXTLINUX_SPLASH default to empty and only generate a menu if the developer specifies a menu. We are trying to optimize boot time and any timeout delay or menu presentation is undesirable.