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STM32WLE and LoRa: Best way to detect Gateway down and make a new join

Associate III


  We have encountered the following situation:

  Once the equipment is Joined to the network, if by chance there is a power cut that affects the Gateway and it restarts, we have realized that we stop receiving data from the device.

  Our Device can be configured with or without Confirmation ACK.

  • In the case that it is configured without confirmation ACK.

We can't know whether there is a power cut and we stop receiving data.

What is the correct way to detect and treat this situation?

  • In the case that it is configured with confirmation ACK.

We can check if after an uplink we receive the ACK or not, to be able to treat it.

We checked in the OnTxData Callback if the MSG_Type was LORAMAC_HANDLER_CONFIRMED_MSG and in that case if AckReceived was 0 we know that the Gateway is not responding with the ACK to the Uplink, and in that case we Reset the device to Force a Join Request. 

Is it the correct way to detect and treat this situation?

Best Regards

Associate III

I'm not so sure, but I think that redundancy must be obtained using multiple gateways, of course with different supplies and environments.


In send-n-pray there really aren't any guarantees.

You should perhaps consider a configuration item where you set a periodicity to attempt a rejoin, whether it makes sense at a daily, weekly, monthly level depends of the reliability of the infrastructure, and availability of a back-channel, for example GALILEO has a return-link message to confirm reception of emergency beacon alerts. Or your ability to wake up at accurate/specific times to get an inbound message, perhaps on a different band/frequency.

Get the gateway on a UPS

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