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My NUCLEO-STM32WL55JC1 doesn't join and send Tx data to the LoRaWAN network in my city, only join and send Tx data at low frequencies channels in AU915 band


I try to connect NUCLEO-STM32WL55 with the example LoRaWAN_End_Node to a LoRa network here in Medellin Colombia, which use the region band AU915, but i realize that the gateway only detect data from low frequency channels, more specifically sub-band 2 and 3 916.4 MHz to 919.2 MHz.

So it would be a great help if you can help me to explore the code in the example to get the algorithm that makes the sweep in frequency, so i can make test and discover if i can solve the problem and send data in all sub-channels.

Thank you

ST Employee

Hello @DRami.3​ and welcome to the community,

First, you can refer to this documentation, in the section 2.8.

It is mentioned that you have 64+8 frequencies you can use to join your network.

You will parse those frequencies until you will find a gateway that could listen and answer on the frequency you are transmitting.

Each gateway, when your register it on a network server, will have a config file (.json) that define the frequencies it will use to exchange with your device once you are joined, a unique sub-band.

So in your case, there may have several gateways in range of your device and depending on which frequency, and so on which gateway, you are sending your Join Request, you will get back a different frequency parameter.

To know on which gateway you are joining, you can see in the data a field at the end "rx_metedata" that contain the ID of the gateway used to transmit information.


Can you provide more information concerning your network, gateway(s), this/their configuration etc ?

I hope it helps