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STM32WBA52 Serial Port Emulation

Associate II

I am developing a Bluetooth application which can communicate with Android phone emulating Serial Connection. On previous device we used our own Bluetooth Classic module with SPP (Serial Port Profile) using RFCOMM (Serial Port Emulation) and we need to maintain backward compatibility with existing Android Mobile Application.

Our Hardware team chose STM32WBA52CG MCU. If I understand it correctly, this MCU is capable of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) ONLY, which does NOT support RFCOMM and SPP.

Is there any suitable BLE solution for Serial Communication emulation while using one STM board and phone/PC? Do I have to develop and implement my own Custom Profile? And if so, are there any good tutorials how to proceed?

I am aware of BLE_SerialCom_Central and BLE_SerialCom_Peripheral examples (for NUCLEO-STM32WBA52CG), but these examples are serial communication between TWO STM32WBA boards, not one board and Phone/PC.

I will be grateful for all tips and suggestions. Thank you in advance!

ST Employee


BLE_SerialCom_Peripheral example can be use with ST BLE Toolbox smartphone application. You can refer to the following wiki page which describe the application and how to use it, for your purpose you can look part 5.

Best Regards

Yes, when I used different phone, this finally worked, but...

This demonstrates only communication between STM32WBA and STM BLE Toolbox application. I would like to be able to connect it with Serial Bluetooth Terminal (or Putty on PC) the same way I was able to do with our previous device. Is this solution somehow reachable?

ST Employee

You have to develop your proprietary application like is done on ST BLE Toolbox to manage your case.