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NUCLO.H753ZI, cannot get USB device running


I'd like to activate the user USB on the NUCLO.H753ZI board, as a USB device for serial emulation (CDC)

I use CUBE generated code (basic demo setup for this CPU), the ST-Link USB works and I can debug. I may add, that I have USB working with Cube-code on stm32F-series, so the basics should be there.

In CUBE I set the USB to "Device_only". But when I connect the user USB (CN13) nothing happens,  the PC does not recognize a new USB.

The documentation (UM2407 User manual) is a little fuzzy there, but I tried to remove the bridge SB77 , which results in LED 8 (VBUS) only be on when user USB is plugged in, but no other success


  • Do I overlook sth. obvious?
  • The USB is basically OTG. Is there something in the connector or elsewhere to be done
  • I found example code but not for this particular CPU. Is there an example around for this CPU, where I can peek?



On my side I did:
* no changes at the eval board

With the STM32CubeMX
at Connectivity USB_OTG_FS
* "Activate_VBUS" disabled
* "Activate_SOF" unhooked
* "VBUS sensing" disabled

at Middleware USB_DEVICE
* "Communication Device Class (Virtual Port Com)" selected

mybe this helps.