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STM32WB p2p Client could't p2p Server?

Associate III

   Initially Iam flash 2 binary files to STM32WB5MMG (stm32wb5x_FUS_fw.bin & stm32wb5x_BLW_Stack_full_fw.bin ) in that case p2p Server works with ST BLE Toolbox in mobile but in my project p2p Client as another MCU.p2p Client not working well its cannot detect p2p Server and not showed in ST BLE Toolbox.

I have doubt regarding p2pclient has any binary file need to flash?

In my code while debug Scan_Request and Connect_Request function calls are not entered.Kindly help to guide how to work with p2p Server and p2p Client.

ST Employee

On my side, I'm not able to reproduce this behavior using the examples on the STM32CubeWB V1.19.0 and the Nucleo-WB55 boards.

First, The Client node can't connect to the ST BLE Toolbox. So, ensure that the Server is not connect to any other board or application. And ensure that both boards are Flashed with the last FUS and Stack version.

Best Regards.


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Associate III

Hello STTwo-32,

                      I am solved that issue using example codes and i have doubt regarding Server beacon(i standard) is not connected p2p client if its possible to connect? 

   How to use server beacon with client, give  me some suggestions.