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STM32 WL55JC1 LoRaWAN Class C not working!

Associate II

Dear community,

In the attachments, I am sending You two screenshots, one from the LoRa WAN Network server and the other one from the STM32CubeIDE. We are using two of Your dev boards, one as the LoRa WAN gateway (Nucleo F746ZG) and the other one as the end device (STM32 WL55JC1/MB1389E).We are trying to establish LoRaWAN communication where our end device will be of class C.

The running network server is from the following link:

For the end point we used the example project provided by the STM32 (LoRa End Point) as the base project.Even though we have generated code with STM32CubeMX, where we have configured the device to be of class C, the end device is still working as it is of class A!!!!

In the debug mode, we are monitoring the device's class ('STM32_Cube_Ide_Screenshot') and it has the value 2, which corresponds to the class C device, but in the network server ('Network_Server_screenshot') view, You can see that it is still functioning as the class A device.

Can You please suggest me the solution to this problem as soon as possible?

Best regards,


ST Employee

Hello @fainlaip 

I think everything is working fine on the node side. I suggest you ask about that on the GitHub you are running network server.

Best Rergards.


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