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LoRaWAN CubeIDE configuration under LoRaWAN Middleware tab?

Senior III

I have a custom pcb using a Seeed WIO-E5 module.  I found a github repo that supports the WIO-E5.  After downloading it and loading it onto my custom pcb my node joins the network and seems to work.  I notice however that the setting in the .ioc file shows 


Can someone tell me if I should change this given I have a custom PCB?

I then go in to adjust pinout to reflect my pcb and have found that changing io pins in the ioc makes the end node very susceptible to not wanting to join the network.  I have not had much luck wrt adapting this firmware so as a follow up question:

I have NOT found a good library or examples that support the STM32WLE5 (single core) anywhere on STMicro site.  Can someone please tell me how to start from a blank STM32WLE5 as an end node?  Are there libraries somewhere for this chip to download?  (I see a ton of support for the STM32WL55 (dual core) but virtually nothing for the single core and SEEED only supports the custom FW that they have placed on the device which is to communicate to it via a second processor over a UART, this seems counterproductive as the part contains a processor already)