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Can't upgrade Firmware on NUCLEO-WB15CC

Associate III

I am trying to upgrade my Nucleo board to Wireless firmware stack v1.17.0 from GitHub (Address: 0x08021000), but I always get the Warning:

FUS_STATE_ERR_UNKNOWN after upgrading.

And when I try to start FUS, I get:

Error: FUS_STATE_ERR_UNKNOWN: Unknown error 

I am pretty sure I flashed the Wireless stack before on this board. I am using STM32CubeProgrammer v2.14.0

ST Employee

Hello @tester ,

You can follow instructions about FUS and Wireless Stack update in this wiki page.

Check this post that may helped you: Solved: STM32WB5MMG power removed while updating FUS.


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Thank you for the reply, do you know by any chance what the expected SBRV value is for the NUCLEO-WB15CC? It seems like I can still change the option bytes, but when I try to change it to 0x33D00, I get "Input value: 0x33D00 for Option Byte: SBRV, is not valid"

My current SVRC value is 0x11800, which according to the wiki should mean FUS running?

FYI: SFSA also seems to be ok, as it reads 0x8C

Associate III

@Imen.Ddo you think there is a realistic chance that this board is bricked? I just read multiple issues like this, but they are mostly related to STM32WB55 and not WB15.

Associate III

Any updates on this @Imen.D ?