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BLE server stops adverstising

Senior III

Good afternoon....

I have a known working board with an STM32WB5MMGH6TR (server).  I am using an apk on a google pixel 6a.  The application scans for the device and if not found has a re-scan button that user can hit to try and connect (I am not the writer of the apk).  The issue I am seeing is that there are quite a few times when I power the server up that I cannot get the phone to connect.  It "appears" that the server stops advertising after some period at the front end of the FW operation.


Can someone tell me what I have to do to periodically have the FW send out advertising packets even after a connection is made? (I'm looking for BLE Configuration settings within CubeMX that I may have overlooked or just don't understand and possibly have set incorrectly).....At the moment I have no pairing and CFG_IO_CAPABILITY set to No input, No output.



Senior II

You can use debugging tools such as a BLE sniffer to monitor the advertising behavior and identify any anomalies or errors.

Yes but the question still remains....with respect to firmware / CubeMX / STM32WB55 and BLE in general....Does it stop advertising at some point and if so do you kick it to restart it OR is there some combination of settings in Configuration I should be looking at?