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Accessing ram2 in STM 32 based micro controller - STM32WLE5CC

Associate II

The following are the steps i am following to access ram2 (my Microcontroller documents -

  • See the linker script ,how they have defined ram2 in my linker script they have defines as .RAM2_region .

  • Now will go the code then find the function which i have to shift to ram2 will add before or after the function - __attribute__((section(".RAM2_region"))) .

  • I am able to see the movement of the function from ram1 to ram2 but when i flash the code into my device its not working  i mean the that particular function is not working .
    Can anyone let me know what mistake i am doing to access ram2 , if you can provide with example code it would be really helpful .

Thank you

ST Employee

Hello @shreyas 

Can you provide more details about:

- Application complete mapfile

- Some error logs

- Registers dump when the issue occurs, and possibly call-stack ?

- why you want to move your function from FLASH to RAM?

Best Regards.




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