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What are the CRC dependencies that TouchGFX expect

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We are starting a new project which requires TouchGFX. However our project will be leveraging a significant portion of our existing code. Thus I have some questions relating to how TouchGFX uses the hardware CRC.

  1. Can you confirm whether TouchGFX requires the hardware CRC?

Assuming the answer to the question above is Yes, see my followup questions.

  1. Can TouchGFX and the STM Crytpolibrary work concurrently, without me having to load/restore the hardware CRC registers.
  2. Can you explain when TouchGFX expect the CRC module so we can correctly provide concurrent behavior to all parts of our software?
    • We currently use the hardware CRC + Crytpolibrary concurrently in our software. We accomplish good behavior by load and restore the CRC registers before/after the Crytpolibrary uses it. 

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Dear @Tesla DeLorean @desmond ,


The question is crystal clear , thank you for spotting it in case of multiple stack/Libraries used on same application to have a smarter STM32 lock solution . Let me some time and back to You .  




Any updates?