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TouchGFX performance issues

Associate II



I use the STM32H747 running at 400 MHz (M7) together with a display that has a resolution of 800x480 pixels.
I have set up a project in TouchGFX Designer based on the Gauge example project.
The design includes 2 gauges. The chrome ART is enabled according to the CubeMX configuration.
How can I for sure say, that the DMA2D features are used? The only thing that happens
in the project is that the gauge needles move based on the values of an array (the values change in each frame).
The system should run at around 60 FPS, but only manages 30 Fps and therefore drops every 2nd frame (MCU is at 90% utilization).
The needle images are 3x150 pixels (I'm using RGB888) and are stored in internal flash.
What changes can I make to improve the performance of the two gauges?



Some years ago exist on github open repo with gauge cpp class files. You can customize it. But now is removed, then maybe ST have info about archive place.

This gauge i use on F4 ok 2x on 1280x480.